Amber Heard Diagnosed

Carrie Sue Doxsee, J.D.
5 min readMay 12, 2022


And what the world is saying about it…

Well, for those of us who make a living dealing with personality disorder and high conflict personality Spouses, we saw the signs immediately… and now Johnny Depp’s legal team put their experts on the stand. Diagnosis- personality disorder.

I have to say, I sure wish I could sit through the whole trial. As a family law attorney who deals with High Conflict Divorces and Custody Cases, Amber’s look in this picture here… it says it all.

The aftermath of the expert witness is fascinating to me.

Some of the comments amaze me…

In an Article on Insider picked up by MSN, Anna Meridis called a personality disorder “sexist” since it is diagnosed more with women than men and surely it won’t be a real diagnosis for long.|2

“Johnny Depp trying to get redress for losing his career was not the right move. He should have just stayed home and not aired the dirty laundry.”

“They both need professional help.”

Let’s face it- “Cancel Culture” is completely fine with ruining someone’s life. To put this in perspective of the actions of someone with personality disorder, “Cancel Culture” would be the tip of the iceberg while personality disorder is the complete iceberg above and below the water’s surface. The Spouse is 100% willing and able to use whatever “nuclear option” that becomes available if it can destroy their Spouse.

Here is the deal, for this to be bad, they don’t even have to actually meet the characteristics to be diagnosable. They can just have personality disorder tendencies.

What does someone with a Personality Disorder look like?

The stories of being an “Abused Spouse” seem to be the norm for a woman with a personality disorder.


To gain sympathy and instant credibility.

What amazes me is that anyone who claims to be an abused spouse is believed automatically.

I have to be careful here… to tread lightly… because most people who truly are abused spouses (or partners) are so afraid nobody will believe them. I would NEVER want someone to think there is not a way out and people to help you.

But the truth is… some people LIE.

Here is how I think you see the difference clearly —

After the allegations are out, does the person continue to try to report violation after violation?

Does the person go from jurisdiction to jurisdiction to try to pedal their story when it didn’t work with the first Judge?

Are they trying to alienate the children from the Spouse and keep them apart?

The real sad part about all of this is that truly the intent seems to be obvious if you understand personality disorders… but often the Court does not seem to care.

From talking to many Judges, they generally tend to believe both Parties are crazy and so they are not really interested in trying to find the truth.

Even though a Spouse will report violation after violation, they are pretty good at spreading it around to different police departments. The police have their hands tied if this is a violation of a restraining order — they have to take it up to the prosecutor’s office. Charges seem to get filed anyway and now this man is really in a bind. Face jail time or plea out.

It is never just ONE criminal case. After all, their Spouse’s intent is to completely ruin them and destroy them completely. It is the family law equivalent of the nuclear option. In fact, if they did get destroyed in the process, they would be fine with that outcome.

Watch out at work.

Personality Disorders are not just in play in family law cases, you are seeing more and more issues in the work place too.

I heard about a case where the secretary of the CEO, who had worked at the company for a super long time, for more than one CEO who had been with the company, was made to take a mental exam after one low level female employee said this person was making her feel uncomfortable at work because she didn’t say hello one morning. No joke. This woman’s career was ruined with this seed of one lie and then another lie and then getting others to also comment they noticed the same thing. This woman, who had been a valued employee for years, was run out by some 20 something that had never worked in a corporate environment.

What happens with HR people… they run in FEAR of these types of people.


Because the target of blame can change in an instant and now you are the bullseye.

Why are these people so effective in their tactics?

You know how when you hear a story that seems to be good to be true you instantly assume it has to be true?

Bingo. This is why this person is so effective- at least for awhile.

How do they get caught in the lies?

The crazy behavior keeps going and going and going until it becomes a FLAG. The problem is that it is almost impossible to hold them accountable for the damage they have caused.

Which brings us back to the Johnny Depp trial.

There is no doubt which side I am rooting for. Johnny Depp is a pioneer and trail blazer for someone finally saying “enough is enough” and holding someone like this accountable. Letting the world see the face of a high conflict personality disorder.

It is not just a “Hollywood Problem”! This happens every day to decent people.

So many woman are the victims of Narcissistic Men and we don’t blink an eye. It is a bit easier to spot only because people generally have accepted that this characteristic exists.

The concept of a predatory woman is less likely to be accepted unless there is a perception they are all about the money.

This type of behavior is not about the money. It is about being the center of attention and ruining the other person.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out because the end of this trial won’t be the end of the case. No doubt it will be appealed.

Whatever the result, hopefully this case does bring about awareness of high conflict personalities and personality disorders. It is time to find solutions to combat the all out assault that cripples the person who is the target of blame.

I will leave you with one hopeful thought — at some point, most abusers will move on to someone else. They will go on to lead a happy life for a period of time until someone else hurts them or makes them angry. Just don’t be the next person in line.