Book Review Every Attorney Needs to Read to Stop The SEO Bleeding.

Advertising “Need to Know”
Do What Other Lawyers Don’t — Provide value before the client hires you.

I discovered a long time ago that if I helped enough people get what they wanted, I would always get what I wanted and I would never have to worry.

— Tony Robbins

At the end of the day, no law client cares how big you are. As long as you help them achieve the outcome they want, they won’t even care if you work out of your friend’s bedroom.

Finding Your Perfect Client and Serving Them
Give Them Want They Want, Not What They Need

Do I need a cheeseburger? No, I need to eat the broccoli, but I order the cheeseburger off the menu because that’s what I want.

Ask Campaigns Give You DATA Not Assumptions

Providing value is kind of like the dating game. Back in my single days when I hung out with friends at the bar, I’d always see guys hitting on girls. They tried so hard. It was pathetic. My strategy to meet women? Don’t take — give. I didn’t try to sell myself. I just provided value. I entertained. I was funny. Everyone felt at ease around me. And I did pretty well. Human nature doesn’t change, no matter what the setting. What works at the bar… works for the Bar.

Thank you to all my mentors who provide content without asking for anything in return. I owe everything I learn to you. As my thank you to you, I want to pass on your gift to as many people as I can.



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