How Do I Win In Mediation?

Now your mediation session is scheduled, now what?

Let’s think about what someone going into mediation is thinking…

First, they normally don’t know what is going to happen- they don’t know how mediation works or even what is mediation. But that is not their fault. They have an attorney who does a terrible job explaining what happens in mediation, does not teach them the secrets of how to be successful, and not even sitting down with them prior to mediation to help them determine their “must have” list and things they are willing to negotiate. They don’t know-

Settlement can change your life.

Do you really believe that having your case settled is the key to having a positive life moving forward? At the very least, it saves you a ton of money and stress of a trial. I cannot stress enough how much having a settlement makes such a difference in your life. Why? The healing of coming out of a court case is empowering. First, you learn that when bad things happen, you can survive and thrive! Second, it really provides you with total closure in the relationship. The real benefit of settlement is how it impacts your life and how you move forward.

So what is holding you back from a full settlement?

Are you devastated or hurting because of something specific that happened? If this is the case, then maybe transformative mediation is a better fit for you. This allows you to have a 1–1 with the mediator to help them know how you are stuck and work on tools to look past the event that is keeping you stuck. You may never get the answers you want from the other Party, but sometimes you do. It never hurts to voice what has hurt you as it is a release for YOU to stand up for yourself.



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