Is your marriage on this list?

What do I do if I am on the list?

As an attorney who has been practicing for 25+ years, I have found that most people coming into my office for a divorce fits into a variation of one of the following reasons.

· I just don’t love my Spouse anymore. We’ve just drifted apart… not spending time together.

· Have not had sex in forever.

· My Spouse is cheating.

· We fight all the time and I can’t take it.

· My Spouse is abusive.

· My Spouse is an alcoholic/ drug addict and it is just not healthy for my kids.

The journey of divorce with children.

What happens to the kids in divorce?

The growing child custody trend with millennials is to have equal parenting time. In fact, to a certain extent, this generation, as a whole, is amazing at coming up with a Parenting Schedule that gives everyone equal time. So what does equal look like?

Joint Legal Custody

This legal term basically means that each Parent has equal say in important matters of the child… medical decisions, school decisions, and anything major that needs parental consent. This can also include decisions that might not be considered major like participation in sports or going to summer camp. It does…

Gaining clarity on your marriage and your future.

Ok, I have to admit… I am sitting in the high school parking lot waiting to pick up my daughter and I am overhearing other high school kid’s conversations. One kid was saying “How did she go from caring so much about me one minute and then hating me the next?” This is the 3rd conversation that I heard “I am so confused…” in regards to relationships in 5 minutes. Maybe it is a full moon. All these kids are complaining about relationships. Are you kind of wondering the same thing about…

It is a heck of a ride

Many years ago, when I was going through my divorce, I was astonished with the ups and downs of my emotions and the process. After all, I was a divorce attorney… who knew my clients were going through this much drama.

To be honest, not that many divorces had crazy ups and downs as mine did. My husband at the time was working for a Financial Firm that was being investigated by the FBI, one of the disgruntled investors tried to kidnap one the owner’s children, and meanwhile my husband was having an…

The road to Divorce or a Paternity Case.

A Parent’s worst nightmare… never seeing their child again

It is all too common that your Co-Parent might say, in a moment of anger…

You’ll never see your son again.

The truth is, this rarely happens. Unfortunately, that is not going to make you feel any better. Your attorney will probably make sure you don’t take any chances. In fact, they might advise you not to allow the other Parent to have the child or children until the legal case is filed and maybe even not until the first 30 days has passed.

The Court can require your child to be…

The journey to divorce… financial disasters.

“What are we going to do about our finances?”

You hear it all the time…

Finances are the #1 cause of divorce.

The tighter money is for the household, the more you argue. Normally you have someone who is a saver and someone who is the spender. The balance is good in a healthy marriage and disastrous in a bad marriage.

If you are at the point where bankruptcy might be the only way to fix your finances, then there is likely another reason you found yourself in such trouble… a job loss, a major medical event, and in this time period, the…

Must read… or you will end up costing yourself more money for your divorce and end up hating your Spouse.

Watch out for common pitfalls

As a divorce attorney, one thing I see almost every time is that people start the separation process before they talk to an attorney. They end up causing themselves way more headaches, unnecessary drama, and unintentionally make their case contested in the process. It is super important to learn to avoid the potholes and bumps in the road of divorce.

Watch what you say.

This is a CRUCIAL point at the start of the divorce. As soon as someone utters “You will never see…

Breaking the bonds that are holding you back from filing for divorce- my kids.

Am I ruining my child’s life if I file for divorce?

I am not going to sugar coat this… divorce is hard on kids. They all say “kids are resilient”, but is that really true?

Lots of people stay in their marriage just for their kids. In fact, I am filing a dismissal of a divorce action right now because the mom changed her mind when one of her children was struggling with this decision. I would never tell you that you should be divorced or you should stay in it for the kids. …

What does the law consider to be stalking?

Behavior that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear meets the legal qualifications of stalking. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines stalking behaviors as follows:

making unwanted phone calls

sending unwanted emails, instant messages, text messages, voice messages, or social media messages

approaching a victim or showing up unwanted, such as at the victim’s home, workplace, or school

leaving strange or potentially threatening items for the victim to find

watching, following, or tracking a victim

sneaking into the victim’s home or car and doing things to scare the victim or…

Walking through the journey to file for divorce… disabled spouse.

Can I walk away from my wife? Who will take care of her?

As an attorney, this is one of the most heartbreaking things to watch… a client who has to make the decision to give up their life for their Spouse or have a life of their own.

Sometimes, Social Workers who are helping those who are disabled have a wonderful goal… they want to help the person become as independent as possible. They champion their client’s rights to self-determination. What to do they do? Encourage them to control their own medications. Encourage them to do things on their own. …

Carrie Sue Doxsee, J.D.

The Entrepreneurial Attorney

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